Our specialist for everything printed. With affection for the perfect paper and its refinement.
Bernhard´s roots lie within the realm of todays internet. It all started centuries ago with the MS-DOS command line and turbo pascal, and developed with the technological progress to nowadays techniques like responsive web design.

Oh, and we take “grew up” literally. With 1.96 m, Bernhard is our man to paint the ceilings and changing the light bulbs. He is a well educated electrical engineer, vacuum technician and project manager. You´ll notice that – especially when it comes to understanding and depicting technical products and coherences. Then he became a bit of a brand-o-holic…

As a family man he is completely absorbed by his two boys, and his beautiful wife. Finally, he has a passion for good music, his trombone and audio recording of good concerts.

If you want to learn more about his skills in advertising and marketing, his thesis is a good reading:
Thesis WLG7

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